Reelcraft GC7535OLP | 5/8 in. x 35 ft. Premium Duty Garden Hose Reel
Reelcraft GC7535OLP | 5/8 in. x 35 ft. Premium Duty Garden Hose Reel
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Reelcraft GC7535OLP | 5/8 in. x 35 ft. Premium Duty Garden Hose Reel Industries Inc_150px.jpg
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Reelcraft's garden hose reels are designed to be mounted centrally and used for watering and washdown. They offer longer lengths of larger I.D. hose, are spring-driven, and come equipped with garden hose end fittings (designated by an NH). This model includes a hose, bumper, and inlet hose, providing a reel solution out of the box.

Reel is shipped in the top wind position. The reel image is shown in the side wind position.

Key Features - Reelcraft GC7535 OLP

  • Long spring life – Spring is made from high-quality spring steel and conditioned to remove imperfections.
  • Structural strength – Reel components are made from industrial-grade steel and ribs are added to give added stability.
  • Corrosion-resistant – Parts are individually powder-coated for high quality, uniform paint adhesion. The result is a brilliant abrasion/corrosion-resistant finish that keeps these reels looking new through years of use.

Dimension Drawing - Reelcraft GC7535 OLP

Click image to enlarge.Click image to enlarge.

Specifications - Reelcraft GC7535 OLP

Weight55 lbs
Hose I.D.5/8"
Hose O.D.0.810"
Hose Length35'
Pressure200 psi
Hose End3/4" NH(M)
Inlet3/4" NH(F)
Reel Outlet3/4" NPT(F)
Hose IncludedYes
Max Temperature150 °F

Fluid Path Materials - Reelcraft GC7535 OLP

Shaft MaterialSteel

FAQs - Reelcraft GC7535 OLP

How do I increase or reduce spring tension?To increase spring tension:

Adding wraps of hose will increase spring tension. This can be accomplished by pulling out approximately 10 feet of hose, hand feed hose back up through roller bracket assembly until loop is large enough to slip over sheave. Add two or three wraps until desired tension is achieved. Do not exceed spring capacity.’

To reduce spring tension:

This can be accomplished by removing wraps of hose from the reel sheave. Remove wraps of hose from the sheave, one wrap at a time, until desired tension is obtained.

For Series D9000 reels, you will have to remove the bumper and control handle then feed the end of the hose through the roller bracket assembly to add or remove wraps of hose from the reel drum.

Can my spring driven reel be made "constant tension"?

While most Reelcraft spring retractable reels can be made “constant tension” at the factory or by simply removing the latching system there are some models that may not have this capability.

Please contact Reelcraft Customer Service to assure that the specific reel you have or require is capable of or available as a “constant tension” model.

How do I replace the latch spring on my 7000 Series reel?

1. Remove all spring tension from the reel by removing the bumper assembly and allowing the spool to un-wind completely.

2. Turn off inlet pressure to reel and remove inlet plumbing.

3. Remove set-screw which holds main shaft from hub on the base assembly.

4. Slide the spool and springcase and shaft assembly away from base.

5. Latch assembly should then be visible and accessible.

6. Remove old spring, re-attach new spring with large loop over latch stud bushing and small loop through the end of the latch pawl. DO NOT USE pliers or similar tools as they may cause damage to the latch spring during install and shorten service life.

How do I install a new drive spring and set pre-turns?We have several different types of spring driven reels. Each require a slightly different set of instructions. For “How-To” instructions on replacing a drive spring please have your reel model or drive spring number available and consult customer service for instructions.
How many GPM's will I get from my hose?GPM = gallons per minute is a function of hose diameter, hose length, supply pressure and fluid going through the hose / reel. The most common fluids, air and water, can be seen in charted data. For hydraulic oils it is necessary to know the operating temperature, pressure and fluid viscosity.
Can I adjust the guide opening position on an enclosed model hose reel?

Yes, you can adjust the guide opening position on a 5000 Series and 7000 Series reel. Please follow instructions below for your type of reel.

5000 Model

1. Pull hose out of opening and latch into position.

2. Remove (4) nyloc nuts on the cover.

3. Pull enclosure off and rotate to desired position.

4. Replace cover and tighten the (4) nyloc nuts.

7000 Model

1. Pull hose out of opening and latch into position.

2. Remove (4) nuts on base.

3. Pull cover off and remove rubber inserts.

4. Determine desired guide position and replace rubber inserts in slots not being used.

5. Place cover on base studs in required position and tighten (4) nuts on base.

What to do if there is restricted air pressure or fluid flow?U-bolts tightened down too tight on hose restricting product flow. Loosen U-bolts to be snug on outside diameter of hose but not too much that it crimps off product flow.
What if the hose or cord does not retract?Insufficient spring tension

Adjust spring tension by adding wraps of hose. Pull out approximately 10 feet of hose. Hand feed hose back up through roller bracket assembly until loop is large enough to slip over sheave. Add two or three wraps until desired tension is achieved. Do not exceed spring capacity.

Hose / cord reel mounted on ceiling above 16 feet

Must special order heavier gauge spring steel for drive spring to overcome weight of hose / cord extending from reel. Control handle weight must also be considered. Contact Reelcraft for further information.

Latch mechanism engaged with drive spring coiled to solid height

U-bolt hose clamps on sheave assembly not positioned correctly.

Hose / cord fully extended will not retract

Latch mechanism engaged with drive spring is coiled to solid height. U-bolt hose clamps on sheave assembly are not positioned correctly.

Product supply to reel, rigid, plumbed in

If flexible connecting hose is not used between hose reel inlet and hard plumbing, you stand the chance of causing excessive bind to main shaft and hub bearings causing reel not to retract. This also voids warranty.

Reel mounted on uneven surface

Bolting the reel down to an uneven surface will distort side frame causing a bind on main support shafts restricting smooth retraction of hose.

Wrong guide arm position

If guide arm is in side wind position for ceiling mounted reels, hose / cord is bending at a 90° angle over roller bracket assembly causing excessive loss of spring tension. Adjust guide arm to coincide with how hose / cord reel is actually mounted. U-bolt clamps may need to be adjusted accordingly.

Broken main spring, broken spring arbor, corrosion on shaft and hub

Replace broken part with new. For corrosion: disassemble reel and remove corrosion, lubricate and reassemble.

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CAD Drawings - Reelcraft GC7535 OLP

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Documents and Downloads - Reelcraft GC7535 OLP

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Parts/Accessories - Reelcraft GC7535 OLP

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