Martin Sprocket & Gear, Inc

Martin Sprocket & Gear Inc is a well-known name in manufacturing industrial hand tools, material handling items, and power transmission components using machining, fabrication, forging, casting, powdered metal technology, machined plastic, and injection molding.

   History of the Company

Joe Martin Sr. started Martin Sprocket & Gear in 1951. Throughout these years, the company has experienced immense growth in manufacturing high-quality industrial hand tools.

   The Mission of Martin Sprocket & Gear Inc

Martin's Sprocket & Gear Inc outlook is straightforward. Make high-quality products, have a lot of them on hand, and make doing business with you simple. Martin achieves this by fusing the flexibility of local and branch manufacturing facilities with the power of our distributors.

   Locations of Martin Sprocket & Gear Inc
Besides the United States, Martin Sprocket & Gear Inc has manufacturing plants in other regions. Alone in the USA, the company has more than 31 manufacturing plants. All of Central America is served by Martin's three locations in Mexico.

The company has three manufacturing plants in Canada, which provide industrial tools and services to the Canadian industries.

Three Martin locations in China serve the Asian, Australian, and international industrial markets.

Quality, cost, delivery, and inventory levels are all under the company's control in all the manufacturing plants. Martin Sprockets & Gear Inc is not outsourcing anything, thus allowing Martin Sprocket & Gear to maintain market control over supply and demand. The quality control department takes a complete survey of market demand and places orders accordingly. Thus, when an order is placed at Martin, there is no delay.

Video - Martin Capabilities - Warehouse and Inventory

   Products manufactured by Martin Sprocket & Gear

The whole product line is fully stocked in every Martin plant in North America. Additionally, every factory can produce or modify items on a custom basis using complete machining. The company can stage the finished product for local release on the customer's schedule.

The market-leading industrial tools manufacturing company manufactures products in the product line of the power transmission, industrial hand tools, conveyor pulley industries, Laser Cutters and bulk material handling.

Products included in the power transmission are:

  1. Sprockets
  2. Gears
  3. Bushings
  4. Sheaves
  5. Couplings
  6. Synchronous Sprockets

Products included in the Material Handling are

  1. Bucket elevators
  2. Screw Conveyor
  3. Drag Conveyor
  4. Vertical screw elevators
  5. Shaftless screw conveyors
  6. Plastic conveyor screws
  7. Conveyor Pulleys
  8. Heavy Duty Drum Pulleys
  9. Heavy Duty Wing Pulleys
  10. Engineered Pulleys
  11. Bushing Hubs
  12. Turbine Pulleys
  13. Shafting
  14. Take-up Frames

Other Products

  1. Industrial Hand Tools
  2. Drive Sockets
  3. Pliers
  4. Hammers
  5. Wrenches
  6. Screw Drivers
  7. Punches Chisel
  8. Other Body and Fender Tools

Martin Sprocket & Gear company has a reputation for providing excellent customer service, has parts and materials in stock nationally, offers rapid turnaround times for MTOs and adjustments, and keeps business operations operating with a minor interruption.

   Applications of the Product Range

The industrial applications of the Martian Sprocket & Gear industrial tools include process control, manufacturing automation, and energy management and application.

Modern industries believe that their workers' productivity increased with the incorporation of Martin Sprocket & Gear Industrial tools. With modern equipment, workers can complete their jobs on time, putting less effort and increasing efficiency.

Industries were all overrun by the industrial tools of Martian Sprocket & Gear.

   What Makes Martin Sprocket & Gear Different from Others?

  • Martin maintains a large inventory to entertain its industrial clients' needs without delay.
  • The company controls its quality, cost, delivery, and inventory levels. Nothing is outsourced, which makes Martin Sprocket & Gear keep control of demand and supply in the market.
  • Martin has introduced Point-Of-Sales, where industrial clients can purchase Martin's tools and avail of services. The Point-Of-sales stores are located considering the demands of the company's products.
  • Martin has a dedicated team of Customer Services Personals. They look over the customers' demand for stocks and other queries throughout the year 24/7. A customer services personnel is always there to guide the Martin Sprocket & Gear customer.
  • Martin has specialists in the field who are familiar with the company's goods and services. They are on hand to help you more effectively match our services with your particular needs.

The company has launched and shared informative videos about its products or services on multiple platforms to guide its customers. Some of Martin's videos, along with their links, are:

Video - Industrial Hand Tools

Video - Martin capabilities - Bucket Elevator

Video - Martin Capabilities - Screw Conveyor

Video - Martin Capabilities - Material Handling Solutions

Video - Martin Synchronous Sprockets

Solid Vs. Segmented Construction: Bucket Elevator Sprocket Replacement Comparison

To see how sprockets can help you save money and effort, Martin Sprocket & Gear has released this video for its customers. The company’s industrial tools minimize the quantity of equipment removed during installation and are simpler to replace than solid sprockets; split and segmental sprockets help boost uptime. Additionally, these designs allow on-site assembly, eliminating the need for pricey crane rentals to install big, heavy sprockets.

Martin Impact Bed: Seamless Integration

Impact beds  that are effortlessly integrated into the existing conveyor are designed and delivered by Martin Sprocket & Gear. The most prominent inventory position in the industry, a sizable production base across North America, and a committed sales team of application and product experts who provide after-hours assistance to support users.

One recent blog  by Martin in March 2020 is Bucket Elevator Series Part V. In this blog, the company discusses how difficult it was for the industries to reach maximum bucket efficiency when dealing with cement and other raw materials. For this purpose, Martin launched the Bucket Elevator with holes. The blog gives information about using it and it benefits in multiple industries. 

Another news article Martin Sprocket & Gear published in October 2017 is,  “When it comes to Inventory, Martin is the ONE you can rely on”. 

This news article tells the clients of this gigantic industrial tools manufacturer that though the business operates in multiple regions, it has a complete check over its quality and cost. 

Final Verdict!

The company feels privileged in having a sizable inventory that allows them to fulfill orders for in-stock merchandise with a 98% fill rate. To serve all industries in days rather than weeks, they have 23 strategically placed stocking centers.

Martin Sprocket & Gear is a renowned industrial tool manufacturing company that provides high-quality industrial tools while maintaining cost. 

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