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GoodAll 32-020 Antizap Clamp-on Surge Protector 12 Volt

GoodAll 32-020 Antizap Clamp-on Surge Protector 12 Volt


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Eliminates the need to disconnect the battery from the terminals while welding on a vehicle. Simply clip on the Antizap Surge protector and you're ready to weld. Protects sensitive electronics, reduces labor time, and pays for itself after one or two uses.

  • Protects vehicle electronics during MIG, TIG, or Argon Arc welding
  • Fully insulated booster clamps with 2-function Antizap protection
  • Eliminates the time needed to disconnect the battery
  • Just clip the clamps across the battery and the green LED indicates complete electrical system protection
  • Available in 12 volt and 24 volt models
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