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Dentfix 400BR Hot Stapler - Plastic Repair Kit

Dentfix 400BR Hot Stapler - Plastic Repair Kit


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DentFix 400BR Hot Stapler - Plastic Repair Kit - Save bumpers, headlight assemblies or any other thermoplastic part by stitching them together with the DF-400BR Hot Stapler Kit. This tool adds a structural element to cosmetic repairs. The staples put the original strength back into the part, so now you save parts that would have been thrown away before. No more cracking or breaking a part you spent time repairing. Last minute fixes are no longer a headache. This tool makes you money from day one. The easy-to-use tool provides flexibility with 3 heat settings and the available 7 staple styles provide maximum versatility. Comes with 50 each Z Clip, S Clip, V Clip, M Clip.

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