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AMH 28CPS723 Compuspot 700 Liquid Cooled
AMH 28CPS723 Compuspot 700 Liquid Cooled

AMH 28CPS723 Compuspot 700 Liquid Cooled


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A M H Canada Limited

CompuSpot 700 Liquid Cooled w G Clamp, 208-230V, 3-Phase, 60A Free Shipping. Approved and recommended by: GM, Renault, Chrysler, Toyota

  • Designed to weld all new high strength steels and ensure factory quality welds.
  • Delivers over 11,000 amps at the electrode tips.
  • Liquid cooled welding cables and electrode tips.
  • Maximum tip pressure 925lbf at 115psi (410daN at 8bar).
  • Advanced Inverter technology for boron alloys and advanced high strength steels.
  • Digitally controlled programmable weld settings for producing factory quality welds.
  • Easy to use control panel within easy reach of the operator. 6 functions with 4 working memories.
  • Gradual start of the weld eliminates current peaks, reduces electricity consumptiom.
  • Backlite LCD display for programmable selection.
  • Maximum tip pressure: 410daN at 8 bar (925lbf at 115psi)
  • Max welding current at the electrode tips: 11,000A.
  • EMF shielded cables not included.
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