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3M 8180 High Power Brake Cleaner
3M 8180 High Power Brake Cleaner

3M 8180 High Power Brake Cleaner


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3M™ High Power Brake Cleaner blasts away loose friction material, dirt, dust, brake fluid, and other contaminates from all types of brake assemblies. It's fast cleaning action quickly softens and dissolves grease and oil. Its unique chemistry has a low odor, it dries quickly, leaves no residue, and helps eliminate brake noises due to surface contamination. It contains no Chlorinated Solvents. NOTE: Cleaner may instantly damage paint and some plastics. Avoid contact with automotive finishes and decorative finishes.

  • 3M Part Number : 08180
  • UPC : 00051135081808
  • Case Quantity : 12 can per case
  • Case Inner Pack : 1 can
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