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U View 590150 MiST Cleaning Unit

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MiST In-Car Air Quality Service is a new and very effective way to treat the problem of mold and bacteria in a vehicle`s ventilation system.The innovative technology utilizes a portable 12-volt ultrasonic unit that atomizes a specially formulated solution. MiST micro-droplets are drawn into an automobile`s vents, penetrating and treating the entire ventilation system, including evaporator, air ducts and passenger compartment surfaces. The result is a healthy solution that restores interior air quality, and effectively treats mold, mildew and bacteria as well as eliminating offensive odors.With more and more people becoming aware of the problem hiding in their car`s ventilation system, the market is growing quickly for this innovative solution. The fifteen minute MiST service is recommended twice yearly for optimum protection on all automotive vehicles regardless of age or mileage. You can make it a profitable part of a preventive maintenance schedule for your customers.It`s a serious problem hiding in automobile ventilation systems.Mold, mildew and bacteria are a growing concern in many vehicles` ventilation systems. The dark and damp ventilation units are a perfect breeding ground for micro-organisms that can be potentially harmful to your health.The problem arises when outside air condenses on a cold evaporator surface. The smaller evaporator fins of late model vehicles easily trap moisture. This impure combination of air, water and darkness forms a fertile breeding ground enabling a wide variety of micro-organisms to grow and flourish. The result is a mix of mold, mildew and bacteria blown into the passenger compartment every time the fan is turned on. This is a potentially harmful health problem, especially for people with respiratory sensitivity.Given the extent of the problem and that the average driver spends 1.5 hours per day in their vehicle, it`s time we cleared the air.

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